CG5585 application

A CG5585 application requires the same information as contained in our online form or downloadable application form (Word or PDF). Applicants for a COFR Guaranty should indicate in the appropriate place on the form whether they require SIGCo to make the CG5585 application on their behalf.

Advantages of SIGCo completing this application are:

  • Tighter control by SIGCo of the renewal process for both Guaranty and CG5585, since SIGCo manages the process for both
  • Cost savings – SIGCo pays all associated costs of the CG5585 application on behalf of the member as a benefit of membership
  • Smoother, more efficient application process with fewer errors, since SIGCo is using the same data for both
  • Less chance of hold up from payment of certification fees as SIGCo has a funding arrangement with USCG that avoids banking delays

Please note that the NPFC no longer issues hard-copy certificates and the vessel operator is therefore not required to have a paper COFR on board the ship. Instead COFRs can be verified electronically via the NPFC web site.